We have designed a subscription service to support leading schools improve the quality of the advice they are able to give to students and their parents.

Where a school has an existing US admissions programme, we liaise with the school and the members of their university team to enhance the service provided to students with the most up-to-date expertise; where a school does not have a team in place, we start from the basics.

Admission to US colleges is one of the most highly competitive spheres in education.

The benefits of attending a top US college are undeniable:

  • quality of undergraduate experience.
  • breadth of course options.
  • depth of teaching faculties.
  • opportunity to switch courses without losing credits.
  • strength of college communities.
  • influence of and contact with alumni networks.

However, applying to the right university in the US can be a daunting, complex, and lengthy process.

University of Alabama

Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library | University of Alabama

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